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Top 6 MMA Tips for Beginners
about 1 year ago

Many people want to try out MMA for various reasons. While some see mixed martial arts as a challenge, they want to explore, and others want to be professional fighters. Whichever side one may stand, everyone has to start as a beginner before they become pros. Knowing where to start is the trickiest part of being a beginner. Luckily there is always a way of going about it. Here are six tips to consider.


Do Thorough Research

Before anyone decides to become an MMA trainee or professional, the best thing is to know what one is getting into. Several tools are available online and in different MMA gyms that help people learn a bit about the sport before deciding on the next step. It can be a good idea to try out some MMA games online to get some insights. Watching a few tournaments will also give the full picture of what goes on during MMA matches.


Test Before Committing

Knowing what the sport entails and actually taking part in it is a whole different step. There are times when one is so excited that they are in the tournament matches that they think it is an easy challenge only to start and get disappointed. To avoid such setbacks, don't go ahead and commit before trying out a few trial sessions. During the trial, examine factors like time, tolerance, and passion. All three are essential aspects of a successful MMA fighter.


Ask Around

After thorough research and trying a few sessions, there is no shame in asking, especially about things one finds uncomfortable. A good trainer should have the time and knowledge to answer any questions a player might have. This provides a prospective MMA trainee the chance to make informed decisions. It is crucial to ensure that this is something worth a player's time and effort before committing. This way working through challenges down the road in the future will be easier.


Always Warm-Up

Never go right into an MMA training or even a tournament without a proper warm-up. Warm-ups allow the body to get ready for excess stretches and get comfortable with speed and the high attention needed during practice. It is also a great fitness strategy. Every beginner should remember that they have so much to learn, but this does not mean that all lessons should be learned, say within a week. As part of warming up, it is wise to have a practice plan which allows trainees to spread training sessions over a convenient period.


Keep Going

Some days are always more challenging than others, depending on which MMA technique one needs to learn. There are times that one feels like giving up and looking for something more manageable. However, it is in such times that a player's resilience is tested.To help with low feelings, consider having a support team. People who work out and train together have accountability, keeping each member of the squad on their toes. Such teams are also great for hangouts and MMA conversations outside the boxing rings and gyms.


Eat Well

Mixed martial arts requires one to be fit and healthy. This means that diet is a big part of the determining factor for a successful player. Skipping meals is never a good idea, especially in a sport like MMA, where people use their muscles a lot. The proper diet for an MMA play should be balanced. This means having enough carbohydrates, healthy fats, and high proteins. Some of these foods include eggs, legumes, fish, nuts, and turkey.



It would be unrealistic to expect a beginner to become a pro-MMA player as soon as they start. Some techniques take weeks to master while others are taught only in tournaments. Excellence in MMA takes practice and experience, of which both need time. The best way to keep learning and perfecting one's MMA skills is by remaining patient and committed.

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